Orchestral Evolution – a process of composition

Orchestral Evolution is an original Music Education Hub project and brand new commissioned score for a revolutionary ‘pop-up orchestra’ that welcomes all instruments and all abilities.

The score is currently being created by renowned boundary-breaking composer, Hub Partner and esteemed guitarist Chris Woods.

Orchestral Evolution offers the unique chance for school ensembles to work with an exciting contemporary composer and world class musicians; allowing students to develop their skills and understanding of learning and performing a new piece of music within an ensemble.

What’s involved?

Participating schools will benefit from a free half-day workshop (2 hours) with Chris Woods and his associate musicians. Chris will use this workshop to teach students the music – adapting it to their abilities and instruments, providing students with the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the professionals.

This workshop will culminate in a mass ensemble performance on March 15th 2018 – premiering the new score with ensembles from across the region (during the afternoon at one of the participating schools). To sign up: email Rachel.sene@bournemouth.gov.uk and indicate which of the following dates for the half-day workshop

27th Feb: PM

28th Feb: AM or PM

1st March: AM or PM

2nd March: AM or PM

Following the compositional process

Chris has been commissioned by SoundStorm to create a new piece of music for all instruments and abilities – not an easy task. Students are invited to follow Chris’ progress as he shares his technique, challenges and triumphs in composing this brand new piece.

Excerpt from his blog:

The Project was born out of an idea to inspire students, irrespective of their interest in classical or contemporary ensembles, to help all students engage within a modern orchestral setting culminating in a shared finale. A focus on making the orchestra, and orchestral thinking inclusive and exciting. Soundstorm approached the CWGO to bring these aims to life.

Over the coming weeks as I compose the piece I will be writing about my processes, successes, failures and more in this blog.

Follow Chris’ blog here