Developing the confidence to teach music with 4 to 11 year olds (CPD)

Twilight CPD Music Course 2015/2016

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This series of 6 sessions offers newly qualified primary and reception teachers, those less experienced music co-ordinators, subject leaders and TAs tasked with teaching music with:

  • practical musical ideas to use with a class straight away (including singing games and simple playing and composing activities with instruments);
  • guidance with planning a meaningful music curriculum for your class or whole school, in line with the National Curriculum Music Programmes Of Study and latest Early Years Goals;
  • manageable ideas for tracking children’s progress;
  • help with planning inclusive music activities and supporting children with special needs;
  • help with spotting, and providing opportunities for, your most musically-able children;
  • the opportunity to assess your school’s music resources and instruments, their storage and accessibility for children and staff;
  • knowledge of the latest music curriculum resources available;
  • a support network of like-minded teachers and music leaders in the area, on whom you can call upon for guidance and help (including Facebook page support)

The course will be run by experienced primary and early year’s music specialist, Fran Carpenter. Participants will receive summary handouts and other resources, including recordings of songs and activities used in each session.

Delegates are required to commit to all 6 sessions.

Location: Bournemouth Learning Centre, Ensbury Avenue, BH10 4HG

Charges Member schools: £50 (subsidised cost) per person, Non-member schools/organisations: £225 per person

Schedule and session summary’s (to download the full session plan click here)

  • Session 1 (1st Oct, 4.30pm to 6pm) Includes; Practical activities (1 for YR/KS1, 1 for KS2), planning the music curriculum & networking
  • Session 2 (18th Nov, 2015 4.30pm to 6pm) Practical activities (1 for YR/KS1, 1 for KS2), topic based planning, performance ideas & networking
  • Session 3 (20th Jan 2016, 4.30pm to 6pm) Practical activities (1 for YR/KS1, 1 for KS2), Tracking progress, opportunities for Gifted and Talented, ensembles and progression & networking
  • Session 4 (16th March 2016, 4.30pm to 6pm) Practical activities (1 for YR/KS1, 1 for KS2), Inclusivity/SEN, classroom management and working with support staff & networking
  • Session 5 (Wed, 27th April 2016, 4.30pm to 6pm) Practical activities (1 for YR/KS1, 1 for KS2), Valuing your school’s music resources – including making the most of your classroom instruments, creating a vibrant learning environment & networking
  • Session 6 (Wed, 15th June 2016, 4.30pm to 6pm) Practical activities   (1 for YR/KS1, 1 for KS2), Review of your own classroom practice (or your school’s practice, if you are a music co-ordinator or leader) – how has your teaching, planning or other aspect of music delivery in your class or school changed over the year?

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