We introduced the membership scheme last year and we are pleased to announce that the annual subscription rates will not be rising, but will be maintained at the same levels as 2015-16. If you want to access our full service and all the benefits it brings, you will need to renew your membership.

All schools should have now received the introductory letter & information leaflet. If you have yet to receive it, or would like us to send you the information again, please email

Membership requests must reach us by 15th July to enable us to plan and budget for next term. If you register after this date, you may receive a reduced settlement.


To support and future proof the service, as we adjust to a 95% reduction in council funding (much of our previous funding now goes direct to schools, through the academisation process) To support the team in applying for future investment in your schools, including the next round of music education hub funding, which could secure a further £1m investment for music in Bournemouth and Poole schools 2017-20.

Why £1 per student?

We believe this is an affordable and fair formula, on the basis that larger schools get greater levels of investment. Membership rates are calculated using 2015 school rolls, with adjustments downwards to take account of year groups that will have little contact with the offer. No school will pay more than £750.

What if my school doesn’t become a member?

You will only get a baseline offer: we will help you to develop your School Music Education Plan. However, your school won’t get back any of the added value nor activities/funding provided by membership to help you realise your plan, nor access to the subsidised Wave Arts Education services.

*Individual students from non-member schools will still be able to access SoundStorm ensembles, and hire instruments from us, at the same rates as anyone else. Non-member schools can also hire instruments and buy in projects from the Wave Arts Project Portfolio, but these will be at full price, not subsidised rates

Benefits of membership

  1. At least £4 investment into your school music department for every £1 paid
  2. Full access to SoundStorm and the Music Education Hub network and all our partners
  3.  As part of the £4 for £1 offer, each school is offered a financial allocation to support and enhance your music education priorities. This can include First Access (are priority at primary phase); singing support; ensemble development; inspirational experiences; grants to establish ensembles; instrument loans or other activities that will help deliver the best music education to your students
  4. Access to the Wave Arts Education programme including opportunities to access subsidised projects, CPD, special events and offers from partners
  5. Opportunities to access additional subsidised cultural activities in your school: eg. visiting musicians/artists, major venue performance, staff CPD and last-minute ticket offers from our partners etc
  6. Highly subsidised access to our extensive instrument loan service (please visit instrument loans)
  7. Award–winning officer advice and support
  8. An enriched school offer to promote to parents and OFSTED
  9. Opportunities to input into music and cultural education strategies

If you would like to join the membership scheme, please email