BCP Youth Guitar Orchestra application form

Name of applicant


Date of birth

Skill Level(if applicable)

Beginner (grade 0-3)Intermediate (grade 4-5)Advanced (grade 6+)

Please state if you have any Allergies / Medical Conditions / Access Needs

Parent/Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian’s Email address

I confirm that I will be able to attend at least one Launch event on a Friday in June (times tbc).

SoundStorm would like to take photographs and/or film footage of your child/ward participating in the above ensemble for promotional purposes. These images or video footage may appear in the printed publications, website or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo) of SoundStorm and Chris Woods/Chris Woods Groove Orchestra. Parents/guardians must give written permission for the use of any photographs or video footage. Young people’s names will not accompany photographs unless we have sought separate permission.

I consent to SoundStorm using photos or film footage of my child for printed publications, website and social media


Please use this area to ask any questions