Covid 19

Under the current lockdown, the service of the Music Education Hub has, like many others, been severely impacted. We have though been in close correspondence with Arts Council England who oversee the Hub funding, who in turn have been in talks with the Department for Education who set our budget each year. The advice is clear in that where possible, a service should still be offered, albeit with due consideration to the conditions that we are all facing under lockdown.

In acknowledging how vital the music and the arts are for everyone during these challenging times, we are working hard to refocus our energies and develop an interim offer for our school members, their students and the community of independent musicians and educators that provide the service throughout the year. In addition, we are keen to offer ideas and inspiration to the brand-new home-schooling community.


From live streamed concerts to virtual museum tours, the response from the music and arts community has been incredible. We have begun to compile some of these opportunities and resources and in addition we are developing a list of what our community of practitioners are also offering. We will publish those soon.

We have organised the information by Key stage and where relevant, included summary information on what the resource might cost and what it offers. We appreciate that at a time like this, music making is as much about fun as it is about education. In addition, we have been in close contact with Charanga.

Every infant, first, junior, primary and special education school across BCP has a license for this expansive musical resource. It includes a dedicated Student Zone (or YuMU) where students can access a range of resources and assignments set by their teacher. Visit our Charanga section to find out more.

We’ll be using our social media platforms to signpost what we’re discovering every week; from our song of the week, to the numerous live performances Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to see what we find (click on the icon at the top of the page to find us).

Key Stage 1 & 2


Every Music Hub member school across BCP has full access to Musical School. With an exhaustive song bank and schemes of work to support our youngest musicians, the resource has something for everyone. Although parental access is limited, each school can offer every student an individual log-in which will give access to some parts of the site for exploration as well as access to assignments their teacher sets.

If you want to know how your child can access the student YuMu contact your school and see if they have set up a student log-in. The Hub can help with this.

BBC Ten Pieces

After Easter the BBC will be releasing weekly “Ten Pieces at Home” resources. These will be simple weekly activities where children will be encouraged to watch a Ten Pieces film and then do a creative activity in response. Activities will be fun, simple and require no specialist equipment nor musical knowledge from the parent!

Connecting the Dots – Digital Meet a Musician sessions. They will be connecting BBC Musicians that are at home with schools that are open for one off Meet a Musician sessions. The online workshops will be tailored to individual setting and could include performance, interactive activities and Q&A.



Music House for Children

Offer a range of multi-arts workshops and music-based activities to inspire families and children alike. Many traditional tales are woven into interactive adventures involving composition, dancing and shared creative engagement. They are moving their live offer to a streaming service during the lockdown



Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. Many teachers have been using the Lab as a tool in their classrooms to explore music and its connections to science, maths, art, and more. They’ve been combining it with dance and live instruments.



Beat Goes On

Fast becoming as popular as Joe Wicks with their weekly body percussion live streams they offer a range of resources and workshops for budding percussionists.




A popular resource in schools, Sing-up have launched ‘Sing-Up Friend’ offering parents the chance to register and access a bank of songs for free.

A fascinating international Musical Time Machine – dedicated kids’ area and an endless resource to discover music from across the 20th and 21st centuries. Developed by users and updated regularly. A personal favourite from one of the SoundStorm team.


Music Playtime

An accessible and easy to follow set of resources for Early Years & Key Stage 1 – Free until June, the wealth of resources are topic led and cover all aspects of the National Curriculum for Music.

Includes singing, playing, skills, games, listening, creative work, movement, cross-curricular, help with planning, plus all the videos & audios you need.




Many of our Hub member schools already access a diverse range of online and cloud-based resources for those students that are studying music. Charanga offers VIP Suite and we are in talks with Focus on Sound to extend membership across the conurbation. Heads of Music across our secondary school network will be advising directly as to what is available.

Open Source resources

There are numerous free resources available to suit the tastes and needs of every musician. From Apple’s GarageBand (included as standard on most IOs devices) to Darkwave there’s no reason to allow a lack of funds stop you from composing your masterpiece during lockdown.


Inclusive Music Academy

A wide-ranging selection of resources including their award winning Bandlab for Schools, a version of which has been made available for FREE. Parents can register as a ‘school’ and the opportunity to collaborate remotely with friends makes the offer even more appealing.




A free digital audio workstation for Windows. They have a range of online tutorials available on YouTube to get you started.




Once mastered, an accessible and easy to use multi-track audio editor and recorder for every operating system.



WaveForm (Free)

An award winning DAW resource that boasts of having no limits. With a Pro version available should you need even more, it supports all operating systems and various plug-ins to assist your experimentation.



The BBC Bitesize series now offers KS3 students a range of snappy, accessible guides to Composing, Performing, Evaluating Music and Music Tech. Bringing us bang up to date with commentary on tracks by Childish Gambino and Billie Eilish.