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Inclusion & Wellbeing

In addition to our school-based work, SoundStorm also leads projects that take place after school, or out of school altogether, in a range of different venues. These projects reach out to the wider community and are complementary to our Music Education Hub work.

A lot of this work is designed to make our activities more inclusive, targeting particular groups of young people that ordinarily face obstacles in taking part in music education. Other projects are partnerships with cultural organisations from different part of our region or even further afield, and are designed to enrich the cultural life of our conurbation and young people. Some pieces of work are strategic projects, designed to increase our knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t in the music education sector.

We also organise or support summer schools and other special out of school programmes, which give young people a chance to get involved during the holidays. These will also appear here from time to time…


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