Furthering Talent Scheme

We’re delighted to announce that SoundStorm has been chosen as one of five new Music Education Hub partners by the UK charity Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) for its ‘Furthering Talent’ programme. The news was announced in April by AYM. We’ll join the Music Education Hubs for Liverpool, Lewisham, Sunderland, and Worcestershire. Together with AYM and Youth Music, we will begin delivering AYM’s Furthering Talent programme from January 2021. 

What is Furthering talent

Furthering Talent supports the musical learning of young people living in challenging circumstances. Participants who would otherwise struggle to continue their instrumental learning (when their whole class lessons end at school) will receive funding and other support, including weekly instrumental tuition for a minimum of two years. Their parents/carers and teachers are also supported in a variety of ways.

Developing Skills

The Hubs’ role is to identify local young musicians who could benefit from joining the programme. Hubs in Bradford, Brighton, Greater Manchester, Hull, Leicestershire, Manchester, Nottinghamshire, The Music Partnership (North-West Midlands) and Wiltshire already deliver Furthering Talent, described as ‘overwhelmingly successful’ by music education expert Richard Hallam. The addition of the five new Hubs, including SoundStorm, means that, with significant support from Youth Music, the programme will help over 500 young people across England by 2021.

For SoundStorm, the programme will bring considerable investment into the Hub’s Progression programme. At least 30 aspiring students from across the BCP conurbation will benefit from this individual, personally tailored, two-year support package. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, email daniel.somogyi@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Furthering Talent is supported by Youth Music with funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England.

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