Music & Wellbeing

A refreshed commitment for 2021/22

SoundStorm as lead partner of the BCP Music Education Hub recognises the benefits and the positive impact that music and creative expression can have on our health and wellbeing, and therefore what it can offer our community as we move out of lockdown.

Research has shown that music can reduce anxiety and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood and memory. It boosts mental alertness enhancing IQ, focus and persistence. Music can also play a role in helping us navigate challenging circumstances that we may face.

After the challenges of the last 12 months, SoundStorm has committed to prioritising wellbeing as one of the ‘drivers’ that will shape Music Hub activities across the year ahead. In partnership with the Hub network we will continue to offer projects and develop resources designed to uplift and inspire, celebrating the restorative power and potential of music.

Our Music &Wellbeing Statement of Purpose outlines the aims and ambitions for the year ahead, which you can download here and keep an eye out for more news and developments in our News section

Outlined below are just some of the resources we have developed to support musical wellbeing, all of which support the National Curriculum (KS1/2). They can also be applied to support the implementation of the newly published Model Music Curriculum (KS1 – 3)

Resources for Wellbeing

Whether you are looking for resources to calm, energise, inspire or simply to let your hair down and have fun, we have something for everybody.

Mindful Tuneups

We are delighted to introduce the newly launched Mindful Tune-ups developed by specialist Learning Consultant in Primary Education, Michelle D. Woods. Mindful Tune-ups is a consistently updated set of bite sized music-based mindfulness activities with engaging and preparation free resources. If you are in need of some instant classroom calm, check out the explanatory video and link below:

Mindful Tuneups intro video


Music is an inclusive global language that helps us all to connect with each other. Joining an ensemble enables us to socially connect. As social connection is well known to enhance wellbeing and has been lacking in our lives recently, why not look at our current ensemble opportunities?


With access available to every Hub member school (KS1/2 & SEN) across BCP, Charanga has a wide variety of resources to support the wellbeing of students. Check out Charanga’s Music and Wellbeing hand out here and start making the most of the vast and helpful resources here:


The benefits of singing are immeasurable when it comes to the wellbeing of both children and teachers alike. Sing along with Cathy Murray (and some special friends) in a series of engaging videos here:

Covid19 Resources

A dive into the internet to review and signpost both teacher and home schooling parents to some of the most engaging music and arts education resources currently available.


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