Annual Music Audit

Each year we ask every school in the area to complete a Music Audit which summarises all of the music activity happening in the school . The information we receive is collated and submitted to the Arts Council who in turn provide the Department for Education with summarised data gathered from each of the 123 Music Education Hubs. This offers an insight regarding the ‘health’ of music education across all key stages, at a time when the subject is under considerable pressure.

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Why is this information required?

The National Plan for Music outlines the role of the Hub and the expectation of schools and the way they should work collaboratively. The Hub provides an enhancement to the existing music curriculum to develop areas that might otherwise

SoundStorm as the lead partner for the Bournemouth and Poole Music Hub is required to report on all local activity regardless of whether it is linked to the Hub programme. This information serves two purposes; it reports against our commissioned activities providing a year on year summary on trends, areas of increased activity and vitally, areas of concern. These can include, uptake in and the provision of in-school ensembles, the level of grades being achieved and the type of progression routes being made available both in and out of school.

The annual financial allocation to the Hub is calculated based on pupil numbers from across the conurbation. Payments are released to us in quarterly instalments. As part of our condition of funding we are required to submit the summary music audit each October. This timeline is not set by the Hub. Failure to submit this would result in a contract default and a delay in payment which would in turn impact on the Hub service.

The annual business plan that the Hub is required to submit in order to release the funding, also uses the audit information to plan activities such as the level of First Access investment, progression opportunities and all other areas of budgeted activity. The more accurate the information gathered, the more bespoke then the Hub response will be to the challenges facing music education. In short, the funding will be diverted to where the need is most pronounced.

We’ve taken on board your feedback from previous years and have developed an audit tool that will help you compile the information we require throughout the year. The questions have been restructured to make completion easier and to ensure you are gathering the right information. The audit will still be issued later this year by which time the information will already have been collated.