First Access

Whole class instrumental tuition is often the starting point of a young person’s journey as a musician.

SoundStorm works closely with primary schools and partner organisations to ensure that every year 4 pupil has the opportunity to take that first musical step. We prioritise schemes of work that embed creativity alongside technical skills development, whilst offering school music coordinators, year teachers and support staff the chance to learn alongside the class.

The range of instruments available is comprehensive; from mixed brass to Samba, clarinet to ukulele the Hub is committed to supporting traditional orchestral developmental whilst recognising the need to diversify the offer as changes in taste and interest evolve to include contemporary instruments such as guitar or steel pans.

In 2017/18, the Hub has commissioned a bench marking exercise; led by Murray Music, the research will work alongside Hub partners to better understand what common pedagogy is used, irrespective of instrument, drawing direct links to the National Curriculum for Music at KS2. In addition, the project will:

  • Develop and promote a first access offer that includes not only instrumental skills but which also offers improved links to the National Curriculum
  • Maximise opportunities to develop musicianship beyond foundation level through improved signposting of teachers
  • Include support with performance
  • Gain partner wide agreement as to what additional value can be included (as a minimum) through First Access provision; this should ensure that the quality of provision will be consistent regardless of the instrument
  • Support SoundStorm with an embedded approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement