Steel Pan Workshop for Transition Day

Last month, a group of musically talented Year 7 students from Poole High School spent a day with Year 6 students from Baden Powell & St Peter’s Junior School who will be moving to  secondary in September. Using their common interest in music, this ‘Transition’ day drew on the tradition of steel pan playing at BPSP, offering students from Poole High the chance to meet their junior peers who together, will be involved in a new steel pan ensemble at Poole High.

We were very fortunate to be joined by the incredible Steel Pan Agency from London who brought to the day an irrepressible energy and their musical prowess aimed at inspiring the new starters and staff from Poole High.

The day began with a performance from the Agency, followed by rhythm practice, rolling techniques which led to the group learning a contemporary piece on the pans.  With new friendships forged and plans already afoot for a performance next summer, we’re looking forward to hearing the new groups.