Introducing the KS1 Package for 2017/18

A new Hub offer for infant member schools

(Reception, Yrs. 1 and 2)

Across five years of Hub activity, we’ve been listening to your feedback and interpreting the KS1 data returns from the annual music audit.

In response we have developed a brand new KS1 package the focus of which looks at upskilling not only the music coordinator (or subject leader), but in addition all Year teachers and other teaching support staff. It acknowledges the challenges some infant schools currently face in scheduling music and aims to support an integrated approach to music making through topic-based learning and hands on support, along with a programme of Hub support that sits within a creative curriculum

With three years of funding now confirmed for the Hub taking us through to 2020, this initial year is about establishing firm foundations and facilitating legacy within your schools. Staff throughout your school can now benefit directly from your Hub membership through accessing targeted music education training, and in doing so, feel empowered to effectively implement the full range of resources we offer to KS1.

Over the summer we have made a few adjustments, this includes renaming and refining the ‘Adopt a Musician’ to ‘Rhapsody’ which will be led by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. In addition we have consulted with the other partners involved to ensure that the package is aligned and that the various strands on offer complement each other.

  1. Self-assessment Form (SAF); this form helps you to identify areas for development and will be used to support the development of a bespoke School Music Education Plan for the next three years of confirmed Hub funding
  2.  Expert advice and support from Lucy Johnstone McCarthy, subject specialist, to help develop your school music education plan in response to the self-assessment which will include a collaborative CPD session during autumn term
  3. Rhapsody (formerly ‘Adopt a Musician’) in partnership with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) – 3 days of participatory music making , performance and learning
  4. Charanga/Sing Up Membership– a suite of online, accessible resources for all of your staff. Visit and
  5. SoundStorm KS1 Resource pack; lesson plans, example schemes of work, topic based approaches and signposted resources (Spring 1 release)
  6. Creative composition – hands on sessions with a Hub partner in Spring or Summer term to assist you implement the resource pacjk, online membership and the learning from your CPD

What happens next?

Please complete and return the Self-Assessment Form (SAF); this was emailed to you but can also be accessed here. You can then expect a follow up call from Rachel Sené (SoundStorm Music Coordinator and lead for KS1) who will be able to guide you through your online membership of Charanga or Sing-up.
Lucy Johnstone-McCarthy will also be in touch to discuss the SAF and supporting you develop a bespoke Schoold Music Development Plan.

The BSO coordinator for ‘Rhapsody’ (Ellie Sherwood) will also be in touch to start scheduling the first visit for Autumn 2.