Annual Music Audit

The National Plan for Music outlines the role of the Hub and also the expectation of schools and the way in which they should aim to work collaboratively through active partnership. Crucially, the Hub is there to offer enrichment to the existing music curriculum.

SoundStorm as the lead partner for the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Music Education Hub is contractually required to collect the data and report on all local music activity regardless of whether the school is linked to the Hub programme. The information serves two purposes; it reports on our activities providing a summary on trends, areas of increased activity and vitally, areas for concern; these can include numbers of students attending in-school ensembles, the level and number of grades being achieved and the type of progression being made both in and out of school/

The annual financial allocation awarded to SoundStorm is a calculation based on pupil numbers from across the conurbation. Payments are released to us in quarterly instalments. As part of our condition of funding from the Arts Council, we are required to submit the music audit, summarised for the region, every October. Failure to submit this could result in a contract default and in turn impact on the timely delivery of our service to our member schools.

The annual business plan that we submit to ACE uses the audit information to help plan activities/budgets such as First Access investment, progression opportunities and all other areas of budgeted activity. The more accurate the information gathered, the more bespoke our responses can be to the challenges facing music education.

In response to the feedback from schools, we issued the Audit during summer term and have introduced a brand new format via Survey Monkey

Hub member schools are required to complete this as part of their conditions of membership. Non-member schools are also encouraged to complete the questionnaire to assist in compiling accurate regional information.

Completing the Survey

You are not able to save your answers as you go so please ensure that you have to hand records of:

  • The number of students who are studying music
  • The number of those who received an input from the Hub this year
  • Any additional information on those studying for a qualification or attending any in-school ensembles

If you wish to return to a previous page on the survey click ‘Previous’ at the bottom of the page (this will ensure you don’t lose your answers).

We anticipate this survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete depending on how much information you need to input. Please contact us on 01202 451508 with any queries


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