The 2018/19 Infant School Offer

Welcome to your 2018/19 Music Education Hub offer from SoundStorm.

Thank you for joining us again. After a successful year of multi-partner inputs we are delighted to introduce you to what you can expect in 2018/19. This year you can expect to be building on the foundations of last year with the following inputs:

  • Coda Music Trust: Musical Mentors: specialist support for early ensemble and instrumental playing
  • Resource provision: the hire and supply of instruments to complement what you already have and support the learning with Coda
  • A comprehensive package of CPD opportunities throughout the year
  • Charanga renewal/provision: Included with the license will be free access to regular training and additional resources
  • Zoo Tales: a unique, cross-arts singing offer that brings the live music input to you and all your students

This page is intended to be a one-stop-shop for member infant schools in navigating this new package. Below, you can find documents that outline each aspect of the offer along with clear next steps for you to begin engaging with us. As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch with your named music coordinator:

Rachel Sené –

Coda Music Trust: Musical Mentors

Soundstorm are again working with music leaders from Coda to support teaching staff to gain practical foundation music-making skills. With a focus on rhythm and pitch, Coda will be working directly with teachers and children in live classroom settings.

Andy Baker and Sam Mason will be leading all sessions and will aim to offer each school an am and a pm session each term (e.g. 6 half days per year).

Musical Mentors launch

The Musical Mentors programme will be launched on Wednesday September 19th from 4-6PM at Queens Park Infants. 

The twilight will provide an introduction to ‘Musical Mentors’ and an opportunity to plan each schools provision with Andy and Sam, looking at areas of need and interest and topics the schools have set for next year to base our music work within. Relevant staff should attend and bring plans for study topics next year.

Next steps:

  • Keep Wednesday 19th September 4-6PM free for ‘launch session’
  • Let Rachel know whether you and or another member of staff will be attending
  • Begin gathering information about study topics next year to bring to launch session

Charanga License

We have pledged to provide all  KS1 Music Hub member schools with a fully-subsidised Charanga license until July 2019 (RRP up to £295).

This offer includes licenses for your whole school, supplementary resources and access to free training to help you to make the most of Charanga.

Next steps:


Soundstorm are excited to announce their forthcoming SkillShops series – a programme of twilight CPD workshops for 2018-2019.

The series comprises four instrumental sessions and one singing session. Each session will be packed with hands-on musical activities and information designed to support, challenge and inspire.

Next steps:

  • Read through our 2018-2019 CPD document
  • Get booking! Click through on the links for the sessions in the above document to book your place. Schools are entitled to 3 members of staff per session.

KS1 instruments and resources

SoundStorm is committed to ensuring all Infant schools have the instruments they need to foster a  vibrant, musical culture in their school. Primary music specialist, Cathy Murray, has been auditing all member infant school’s current available instruments. From September, you can expect to receive brand-new percussion instruments to complement your existing supply for a year.

These instruments should help to support your school’s other inputs from Coda and provide the instrumental baseline for you to explore the activities in your KS1 Resource Pack.

Next steps:


Zoo Tales

‘Zoo Tales’ is a musical story (written by composer Liz Sharma) of what happens when the zoo closes, and the musical animals decide to have a party, led by Rasta Lion & his band.

Hub partners will come into your school to support you in learning the rep; including singing and accompaniment, as well as providing all the resources to create animal masks.

This offer culminates with a concert performance at your school featuring a string quintet, piano accompaniment and conducted by Hub partner Lee Marchant.

Next steps:

  • Read our Zoo Tales Overview to learn more about the offer
  • Keep Monday 12th November 4-5.30PM free to come along to the launch event

Banner and first photo credit to BSO/Kevin Clifford.