Let’s start at the very beginning…

You just know when something is the ‘right fit’ don’t you? The day I was interviewed for the SoundStorm manager job was one of the hottest days of 2012 and the interview panel had left the door wide open to get some air in the room.  Halfway through my interview a dog, who one would presume was being walked in the local park, bounded in and decided to make his presence known by chasing the interview panel around the room. It was at this moment I knew that this was an agency I wanted to work for.

I have now been in post for two months and everything that I have learnt about the music education sector in Bournemouth and Poole has confirmed that my initial instinct was correct.

In that time I have meet many of the amazing partners who are going to make our Music Education Hub so exciting. Their offer is incredibly diverse; western classical to dance music, via African drumming and folk ensembles. I am really excited about what we are going to achieve together and I am hoping that they will contribute to this blog, sharing their stories and successes.

Similarly, I’ve had a chance to visit many of the schools across the conurbation and have been struck by the commitment, tenacity and passion that so many teachers bring to the teaching for music. It is going to be an honour to be able to support their work.

And just in case I was in any doubt about the organisation I have joined, the National Music Council has recognised the work of SoundStorm by awarding us the Major Prize for local authority music services, which we share with Oxfordshire.

This is an outstanding achievement and worthy recognistion for a track record of excellence. The bar has been set high!

So a new manager, a new website. Where to next…?