Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our mandate as a Music Hub extends to every school in the BCP conurbation. Since the Hub formed in 2012, we have worked with every SEN school on a variety of projects and programmes; up until the lockdown in March, we were moving forward with the termly SEN Music Network meeting, an ongoing collaboration with Live Music Now, two Open Orchestras (in partnership with Open Up Music) and a range of other experiential inputs including the annual SEN school’s concert in collaboration with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Victoria Education Centre. 

However, this year has seen the majority of our inputs to these schools postponed given the vulnerability of many of their students. We have however been busy planning the return to something resembling normality! 

A refreshed approach to Inclusive practice

SoundStorm was delighted to be awarded Youth Music funding in summer 2020, a key ambition of which was to review our approach to Inclusion and to take forward an ambitious programme of training and development through 4 main project strands. 

The new Inclusion strategy will be published in early 2021: the initial commitment will be to roll out a programme of training across the BCP and Dorset area, targetting teachers in both SEN and mainstream schools and our local network of educators and Hub partners.  In addition, SoundStorm will be taking forward a number of key programme ambitions that will significantly widen participation by facilitating more pathways to musical progression for students with a range of different needs. 

Support for SENCO’s

We understand how challenging the autumn term has been, particularly with regards to catching up on time lost during the prolonged closure of schools. We also appreciate how necessary ‘interventions’ are for those students with additional needs – but this often means that they miss out on the opportunity to explore self-expression through music. 

Research undertaken by the University of London has clearly demonstrated the cognitive benefits that music gives young children particularly in KS 1 and 2 – using music as part of an intervention, improvement, and attainment in other subjects has been widely reported.

As part of our commitment to student wellbeing, we are keen to work more closely with the network of SENCO’s across BCP, starting with a focused training opportunity to explore Charanga’s adapted resources including Anyone Can Play and Freestyle. The online webinar takes place on February 10th from 4.15 pm.

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