First Access

Learning an instrument for the first time is an exciting part of a young person’s musical journey and something we believe every child should experience. 

SoundStorm works closely with primary schools and partner organisations to ensure that every Yr. 4 class has the chance to learn an instrument together.
We plan schemes of work that prioritise creativity and the development of general musicianship alongside the acquisition of technical skills.

School staff are given the opportunity to learn alongside students, with the aim of building their confidence and upskilling them to take on similar projects themselves in the future – building a legacy within the school.

The range of instruments on offer is comprehensive and includes mixed brass, clarinet, flute, recorder, ukulele, violin, cello and percussion. The Hub is committed to supporting traditional instruments, whilst embracing opportunities that take account of changes in taste and interest and introduce our young people to a wealth of cultural diversity, such as steel pans, samba and djembe drumming.

Understanding First Access

In 2018 we reviewed our First Access offer and considering our commitment to continuous improvement, we  extended our First Access offer to include:

  • Maximised links to national curriculum requirements
  • Increased opportunities to develop a range of transferrable musicianship skills
  • Signposted routes to progression beyond the initial foundation stage
  • The development of ensemble-playing skills
  • Consistent quality of provision with agreed schemes of work
  • An embedded approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement
  • Support for teachers in assessment and reporting to parents


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