“Wake up baby trumpet!”

If you’d passed the hall at Courthill Infant school last Monday you may well have wondered why an excitable year 2 class, their teachers, a BSO brass musician and a BSO associate were all shouting at an inanimate trumpet case.

However, exciting and unexpected outbursts like this are now an expected part and parcel within 9 schools in Bournemouth and Poole. They all come as part of SoundStorm’s newest collaboration with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra:



  1. An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.
  2. A free instrumental composition in one extended movement, typically one that is emotional in character.

Rhapsody is a new programme co-developed by SoundStorm and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra which will culminate on May 24th with Symphony 1-2-5, a concert at Lighthouse, Poole as part of the featured programme of BSO’s 125th anniversary.

Rhapsody is just one component of SoundStorm’s pilot “KS1 Package” which was rolled out in September 2017 across 9 KS1 schools. The package has been designed to provide schools with a comprehensive range of inputs throughout the year; including creative composition support from Coda Music Trust, expert one-to-one and group specialist support for music coordinators, a resource pack, a digital resource and training, as well as Rhapsody – a unique programme of performance and learning from the BSO.

Incorporating performance, workshops, CPD and drop-in sessions; Rhapsody has been designed to offer exciting new ways for KS1 teaching staff to explore and integrate music into the everyday life of their schools.

The programme encompasses 3 jam-packed days (one per term) of participatory music-making within each school through visiting BSO associates and musicians. Within each of these visits, we’re hope to provide schools with the tools, models and guidance to integrate music into the daily routine, as well as celebrating and developing group music-making throughout the school.

Along with practical music composition workshops and whole school assemblies in which students have been introduced to orchestral music; schools have been transformed into spontaneous concert halls, through unexpected performances ranging from BSO musicians “dropping-in” to classes, to informal performances on the playground.

With two visits down, schools are now beginning to look forward to the culmination of the programme: Symphony 1-2-5, a free concert on May 24th at Lighthouse, Poole. The concert offers a fantastic opportunity for Year 2 students to experience and participate in a live orchestral concert; seeing musicians that they’ve come to know through Rhapsody on stage in a professional orchestral performance.

With 1,000 Year 2 students from across the conurbation experiencing all levels of musical progression live on stage we hope this will inspire them to continue their enthusiasm for music into KS2 and beyond.