SoundStorm’s Hear & Far takes centre stage

SoundStorm’s Hear & Far takes centre stage

August 13, 2014

Students from Bournemouth and Poole took over the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth on 7th July 2014 to showcase the diverse range of musical programmes taking place within the Bournemouth and Poole Music Education Hub. SoundStorm organised the ‘Hear & Far’ event for young people and hub partners to present all of their hard work in an incredible end of school year show on the big stage.


Alongside the performance, an eclectic mix of workshops amused the students backstage whilst they awaited their turn to perform. The familiar sounds of Afric’ Arts bellowed through the theatre as they unleashed over a hundred African Drums with the young people. The Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project came armed with their butter pots, giving every student the opportunity to create and take home their very own Utterly Butterly Ukulele.


The show itself was a huge success. The sheer amount of instruments and diversity of musical genera ensured an exciting performance that gave family members, guardians, councillors (and the very happy SoundStorm team) a huge sense of pride.

The night began with SoundStorm’s Big Band offering a very confident performance of some smooth jazz, with improvisations from the young musicians. Our hairs stood on end when Panoramic followed with a powerful modern take on steel pans, as they played songs that you might never expect to hear from them such as ‘Mission Impossible.’

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Futuristica Music and the Creative Music Collective delivered an upbeat DJ set featuring the powerful voice of Heidi Harries. The first half drew to a close with a bang as The Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project amused us all by taking centre stage with their homemade instruments, and the students that were so keen to perform alongside them.


Music in Action and students from Avonbourne and Harewood College were next on stage with a truly inspiring performance. The performers had composed the piece of music about the history of Bournemouth from scratch during a 2 day residency and blended a range of instruments including a choir, electric guitar, clarinet, digital sound beam and experiential percussion.


Sweet folk melodies came from Wren Music as they supported their army of little fiddle, acoustic guitar and melodeon players. The sheer amount of keen players at such a young age was wonderful to witness.

The finale proved to be a powerful and interactive affair as the entire cast of young people, and professional musicians alike, took the stage with hoards of Djembe drums. Not one person could sit still as the drummer Cheikh jumped around the stage, getting the audience involved, and had the children completely in awe as they repeated his rhythms, creating a truly exhilarating experience.


Thank you to all that were involved, from performers to parents, teachers, technicians, all staff at the Pavilion and a special mention for the pizza delivery guy that supplied nourishment in our time of need backstage. See you all next year!


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