Life-changing music therapy to children with disabilities in Poole

Nordoff Robbins delivers life-changing music therapy to children with disabilities in Poole
September saw the start of a new initiative providing music therapy for children with disabilities at Winchelsea School, delivered by the UK’s leading music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins.
Working out of their own centres, and in partnership with a variety of organisations across the UK, Nordoff Robbins’ specialist use of music supports people of all ages living with a range of issues.
This pilot project in Poole is the result of a new partnership between SoundStorm, the award-winning music education agency and lead partner for the Bournemouth & Poole Music Education Hub, Nordoff Robbins and Winchelsea School. Music therapist Anna Tyrrell is working with children at the school, using music to help them develop their abilities and bring out their potential.
Fraser Simpson, South West Regional Manager for Nordoff Robbins said: “We are thrilled to team up with SoundStorm and Winchelsea School. Music therapy is a powerful tool which helps children to develop key communication and social skills, and build self-esteem and confidence. It’s fantastic that the support of SoundStorm is enabling us to reach these young people who I know will benefit so much from music therapy.”
Anna said: “I am very excited to be delivering music therapy sessions across the school. There’s a warm and responsive atmosphere from all staff, and students have been very receptive so far. I’m excited to see how music therapy develops in the coming weeks!”
Natasha Skinner, Creative Arts Lead at Winchelsea School, said: “It has been wonderful to welcome Anna into our school. The creative arts are extremely important to us and to be able to offer our young people music therapy is hugely welcomed. We have already seen the impact such sessions have had on our children. Both teaching staff and teaching assistants have commented that it has been a powerful sight to witness. We believe that our pupils will benefit greatly from such experiences.”
Dan Somogyi, Director of SoundStorm, said: “We’re excited to be working with Nordoff Robbins and Winchelsea School on this project. Our music education hub is constantly looking for new ways to include as many children as possible in music education, and this year we have unveiled a comprehensive package of opportunities for schools focussing upon children with special educational needs. I’m delighted that we are now offering music therapy as an additional option to Winchelsea School in partnership with Nordoff Robbins. This project builds on a folk music project we partnered with Winchelsea on during summer term 2018.”
The music therapy service is being piloted until March and a service evaluation will be undertaken by Nordoff Robbins towards the end in order to determine its full impact.
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