Conductive Music Bringin

Conductive Music Bringing it all together

September 20, 2019

SoundStorm is delighted to be partnering with Conductive Music for a brand new pilot project. Taking on the challenge of putting the ARTS into STEM subjects (and making STEAM) these international operators have been winning the hearts and minds of students across the country with their innovative programme.

With a focus on creativity, their team blend coding and music in ways that seem unbelievable – getting rhythm from an apple for instance. Using web based software and Quirkbots their unique input encourages students from as young as 5 to think across disciplines be that creative coding, design or composition.

This new partnership is an important part of SoundStorm’s commitment to advocacy – at a time when the Arts are being squeezed from the curriculum, we’re committed to supporting students and teachers to access creativity. Alongside Wave Arts Education Agency, the Hub is committed to championing a balanced cultural education and supporting schools to respond to the recently revised Ofsted inspection framework.


For more information about Conductive Music visit their website here


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