Shrinking Isles

Shrinking Isles is a Cultural Hub project led by SoundStorm looking at Britain’s rich and diverse cultural traditions. It aims to highlight the amazing music that British-based artists and musicians produce, whilst exploring the cultural and linguistic diversity of the British Isles.

The project will link school students and musicians from Dorset with counterparts in the Gaelic speaking islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, primarily through music, but also through other media. By bringing together two very different coastal communities we will be “shrinking” our islands; encouraging dialogue, exploration of common issues.

The aims of the project are:

  • to explore through creative arts both the differences and common cultural and artistic traditions of coastal communities.
  • to explore the impact climate change is beginning to have upon coastal communities.

A resource pack produced through the project will explore not only the cultural and artistic heritage, but also this growing common concern regarding climate change impact.

Shrinking Isles will see Dorset-based guitarist/songwriter Alex Roberts travel to Scotland.

Hyperlink to Alex Robert’s website

Musicians from the Lews College Castle traditional music course (University of the Highlands and Islands), Benbecula, will subsequently travel to Dorset, led by top Scottish traditional music players Simon Bradley and Anna Wendy Stevenson.

This project will commence in early 2013.