Ukulele First Access

Welcome to SoundStorm’s Virtual Ukulele First Access area! Here you will find everything you need to get started whether a teacher, parent or student!

If you are a student learning on your own without the help of an adult, it would probably just help if you read the ‘Ukulele info sheet’ as it will help you with a few of the basics for the first few lessons.

If you are a parent/guardian helping your child, please have a read of the ‘Virtual Ukulele FA Guidance Notes’ and also the info sheet as mentioned above.

If you are a teacher teaching whole class, its all useful for you to read!

We do hope you enjoy this fun course delivered by our Ukulele expert, Rob Palmer – do let us know what you think and if you have any questions or problems using the resource by emailing your designated music coordinator (for teachers) or (for parents).

If you missed the preparatory CPD please do watch the video below. If you have further questions after watching it and reading all the guidance notes please do get in touch with your coordinator who will be happy to help.

Video 1 – Ukulele with Rob Palmer

Video 2- Ukulele with Rob Palmer

Video 3 – Ukulele with Rob palmer

Video 4 – Ukulele with Rob palmer

Video 5 – Ukulele with Rob palmer

Video 6 – Ukulele with Rob palmer

Video 7 – Ukulele with Rob palmer


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