SURYA ARTS present Jazz and Jagdeep Like Dancing

SURYA ARTS present Jazz and Jagdeep Like Dancing

December 17, 2015

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight
7-11 March 2016

Jazz and Jagdeep Like Dancing by Sharon Muiruri is a theatre-in-education programme for Reception and KS1. It gently introduces the idea of Fairtrade, the rights of the child and global issues. It also looks at classical Indian instrumentation, the use of rhythm and how melody works in raga. The play is about Jazz, a girl who is magically transported from her home in London to Assam in India. There she meets a boy called Jagdeep who helps his mother in the tea fields. Jazz and Jagdeep quickly discover they both love dancing.

The play is placed within two interactive sessions which involve dance, mime, speaking and listening. Before the play starts, children are introduced to India where Assam tea is grown then they learn a dance about how to make a cup of tea ‘Indian style’. After the play, the children learn a dance about how tea is grown, cultivated, and harvested. This is followed by further discussion of Fairtrade. The programme lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be repeated throughout the day.

What teachers say:

‘Fantastic show performed by wonderful people. An amazing whole-school experience – fun, informative and spectacular.’
‘The actors were great with the children and managed to deliver a serious message in a fun and inspiring way.’

Subsidised rates from SoundStorm and Wave:

£250.00 per day or £170.00 per half day.

Able to give 4 performances each day or 2 performances each half day.

For more information contact Sharon Muiruri


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