Secondary Phase Student enrichment and attainment Programme

Perform; Listen: Collaborate; Inspire

We’re delighted to introduce the Secondary Phase enrichment & attainment programme 2017 –2020.

Across the next three years, the Hub has committed to increase investment in two priority areas;
KS3 engagement & enrichment and supporting attainment at KS4/5

The offer launches this term with the KS4/5 strand of activity; a programme of curricular enhancement opportunities that includes: Performance, Ensemble development and
Listening & appreciation.
Below are links to each offer; click through for further information about each project and how you can nominate, refer or sign up.

An enrichment opportunity for KS4 & 5 student’s performance technique, taking them from panel audition, to day long master class led by composer and multi-instrumentalist John K Miles (link to his website) and a final performance at the Shelley Theatre in February 2018. Click here for nomination and application process

Ensemble development: 
A brand-new regional battle of the bands competition, with a panel of industry experts and a final performance at Canvas, with bands battling it out to win prizes including professional recording opportunity at Absolute Music. Click here to find out how to register a band

Listening & appreciation:
GCSE Concert
(AQA, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC/Educas) Feb 7th 2018
Hosted by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

The concert explores the history of music outlining how music has developed across multiple genres. Whether students are considering studying music at GCSE, or are preparing for their final exams, the concert will enhance their knowledge of instrumental music. Click here to register for seats

 We will shortly announce the launch of the KS3 enrichment programme, including
Orchestra ®Evolution
A unique regional opportunity for aspiring instrumentalists (individual and group) to work alongside world class musicians on a specially commissioned piece of music that will culminate next Spring in a combined mass performance. Written for all standards and open to any instrument, the project is led by hub partner and esteemed guitarist, Chris Woods.