Coda’s Professional Development Day

A day of intensive workshops for emerging music leaders could be heard bellowing out of the doors of Coda Music Centre a few weeks ago. In partnership with Coda Music Trust we offered the opportunity to build and develop new leadership skills by introducing flexible and creative ways of working. Two of Europe’s finest music leaders, Tim Steiner and Sam Mason led the practice based event. They successfully created a close connection and an upbeat energy within the group which allowed for easy interaction.

Coda New Milton5Coda New Milton6

The group of 15 leaders from across the region explored a number of different approaches to creative teaching. They received guidance on the theory and practice of performance and communication based around rhythm, melody, harmony, group composiution and improvisation.

I always hope to get a lot out of a day like this but I think it exceeded my expectations on this occasion. I made some contacts within the group and saw a different method of music leading, which will undoubtedly help me with my own style. Sam and Tim had a very laid back approach which I was very impressed with and I have already had the chance to implement some of those ideas with really promising results.

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The workshop reminded that I was a musician, not just just a workshop leader – this was a memorable and significant day for me.

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