Rural Instrumental Lessons

The aim of this project was to enable rural learning centres to hold instrumental lessons with a professional tutor that they might not have had access to in the past.  As said by the NPME, ‘To recognise the important role that music plays in children’s academic and social development and in improving the ethos of the school.’

The workshop providers held 1 hour lessons every week, teaching the instruments as a part of the curriculum. The students were give ample practice time throughout the week as we provided the opportunity to borrow the instruments.

There are plans to further develop the project, combining it with other instruments and areas of study such as literacy, art and design to create a rock band format and a big performance to conclude the programme.

Other Learning Centre headteachers have been impressed with the outcome and are keen to implement a similar project in their own schools. The guitar lesson pictured was held at The Compass, Weymouth.