The quaint market town of Beaminster has seen a bit of a shake up as of late with the addition of a new music group, POP Club. Supported by SoundStorm, musician Mickey Wills has established a club at Beaminster Youth centre. The venue has kindly accommodated for the group by opening an extra day so the 26 regular attendees aged 9 – 18 can learn to play and practise live music.

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The young residents of the town felt the music provisions at their school were rather lacklustre for their needs, so we provided them with the opportunity to learn about exciting music genres they might have never considered by arranging Beat Boxing, DJing and Rap workshops.

Participants have not only learnt new skills, but have gained confidence and self esteem. Those that were once too nervous to perform in front of anyone now take on lead parts. Some of the members have developed invaluable leadership skills and even run sessions of their own. These individuals have then shown such enthusiasm to seek out further training opportunities and musical challenges and were offered the chance to take part in Arts Award.

beaminster pop club

The club has gone from strength to strength, growing in numbers and attracting a great deal of interest. They are regularly offered gigs at local fetes and festivals and their biggest to date exceeded 2000 audience members!

You can grab a chance to see the POP Club in action this summer at Dorchester Arts Festival, Bridport Rope Festival and Beaminster Festival 2014.

beaminster pop club