With Cathy Murray

Supporting singing is one of the Hub’s Core roles as stipulated by Arts Council England. In academic year 2020/21, despite the challenges singing as an activity faced, we refreshed our singing strategy and wanted to ensure we began by responding to requests for more support at KS1 and the increased calls for accessible resources for Reception. SingStart establishes fundamental musicianship skills through singing in a way in which also enables non-specialist teaching staff to build their own skills and confidence through integrated tips and advice from Cathy.

It is vitally important that students keep singing through these uncertain times and as life slowly returns to normal over Autumn 21 and into 2022, the benefits of singing and music are immeasurable when it comes to the wellbeing of both children and teachers alike. If you are still unsure of the advice regarding safer singing, visit the Music Mark #candomusic which is continuously updated and includes guidance on all relevant legislation. 

To get started read the supporting documentation below as it includes both essential information on how to approach using the videos in class.

Happy singing!

An introductory video for teachers

Video 1: 1,2, Buckle My Shoe

Video 2: Horace Hampton

Video 3: Jack In The Box

Video 4: Strawberries And Cherries

Video 5: Davy Dumpling

Video 6: Lovely Day

Video 7: Dinah

Video 8: Rover

Video 9: Sally Go Round The Sun

Video 10: Skip One Window


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