Transmission Call Out

Transmission call out

A SoundStorm Broadcast

3rd July 2019, Upton Country Park Poole

Taking inspiration from the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, an era-defining broadcast that captured the imagination of the world, SoundStorm and the Bournemouth and Poole Music Education Hub presents Transmission, our biennial celebration.

The micro-festival will explore themes of communication, individual expression and collaboration through music and art. Set in the distinctive Upton Country Park walled garden, Transmission will provide a unique platform for young people to ‘broadcast’ their voice and response to the theme. Watch our Transmission teaser trailer to get an idea of what’s to come…

Get involved: Create your own broadcast

Transmission is all about collaboration; the broadcasting of young people’s music and art to a local audience. We’re now looking for young musicians, artists and creatives to join us in shaping this event. Whether you’re in a band, an individual singer, rapper, or composer – we want to hear from you!

We’ve already begun a jam-packed year of exciting music programmes for young people, all culminating in the end of year performance. How will you broadcast yourself?

Interested in performing at Transmission?
Apply to audition at our Open-call

On the 8th May we are holding auditions for our Open Call, an opportunity for soloists, duo’s and trio’s to perform music of their choice in response to our theme; we are offering 5 ‘slots’ that will feature throughout the evening’s performance.  Deadline for applications 3rd May 2019.

To read the creative brief, click here

To apply click here              


Why Transmission?

The history of broadcasting is interwoven with the desire to be heard and to hear; from the initial stuttering notes of a violin solo being broadcast through the airwaves (the first transmission of music in 1906) to Freddie Mercury’s soaring call and response at Live Aid to an audience of millions; to the present day viral videos and YouTube infamy.

Today, we find ourselves immersed in an age of fluid digital dialogue, where anyone online can broadcast, communicate and share. Sharing one’s latest composition or performance is no longer a privilege for the few but is instead accessible to anyone with an internet connection. In principle, we can all now broadcast ourselves and listen to other’s music without barriers or limitations.

On 3rd July 2019, SoundStorm will curate their own ‘broadcast’ – a unique event to showcase the eclectic talents of young people across Bournemouth and Poole. The varied programme of live music will offer a ‘soundbite’ of the Hub’s work and will include original commissions composed, developed and performed by a wealth of young musical talent.




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