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SoundStorm and the BCP Hub support continuous professional development for teachers, their colleagues and our Hub partners through training, funding and a range of school-based workshops. We also champion a culture of continuous learning through modelling, coaching and embedded learning via many of our in-school offers.

Regional Training: SPRING TERM 2021

Taking forward our commitment to supporting curriculum improvement, you are invited to the next stage in our series of regional, online CPD inputs. 

The first series of inputs will focus on effective planning. The sessions will look to address common questions, collated by our AST team during autumn, whilst offering tried and tested examples of good practise and the opportunities for questions and the sharing of your knowledge with peers.

Session 1: Music Policies, Vision Statements and Curriculum Mapping – hosted by Fran Carpenter – Thursday 21st Jan 4.15 – 5.15

This session will look at how your school music policy should inform the Vision statement and whole school music curriculum – where to start, how to review where you currently are and how to plan an engaging and inclusive offer that covers the National Curriculum. It will also cross-reference the SoundStorm Primary Progression Map. 

Session 2: Planning Schemes of Work / Units – hosted by Abi Thommes – Wednesday 27th Jan 4.15 – 5.15

This session will delve into the medium-term planning process, tying in with the curriculum maps, revisiting the Primary Progression Map, and how to get a good balance of listening, playing, composing and performing in a term of work.

Session 3: Planning a Music Lesson – hosted by Cathy Murray – Thursday 4th Feb 4.15 – 5.15

This final session will get into the nitty-gritty on how to plan, and what to plan for during a music lesson! Covering approaches and aims of what every lesson should cover, no matter how long or short, including successful practices and tips n tricks to keep children engaged in an exciting, sensory-stimulating environment that is the music room.

Email to book now! Please ensure you include the session(s) you wish to attend, your name/colleagues names and school.


Taking the plunge
A Teachers Guide to Primary Music Deep Dive

Our video and guidance notes explain some of the more mystifying Deep Dive terminology – Intent, Implementation, Impact, Quality of Education, Cultural Capital – and give you starting points for preparing for a Deep Dive in your school.  Led by Fran Carpenter, one of our Advanced specialists, her guidance demonstrates how a Primary Music Deep Dive can be a very positive experience that can help your school to evolve an exciting and ambitious music curriculum. So, take the plunge – and let SoundStorm help your Deep Dive go swimmingly!


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