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The recently published Model Music Curriculum (MMC) emphasises the importance of listening, making clear that by “learning to listen critically, pupils will not only expand their musical horizons but also gain a deeper understanding of how music is constructed and the impact it can have on the listener.” In response to this and the component of the National Curriculum which focuses on aural appreciation, SoundStorm commissioned Strawberry Music to develop a bespoke series of Active Listening videos specific to KS1 and a second series for KS2.

Use formally or informally, the videos move between genres and provide up to 10 minutes of focused listening with some suggested activities, including further listening to explore and to widen your student’s appreciation of music and the difference between active and passive listening. 

It can also be used as a reflective break to focus attention, as an accompaniment to more formal timetabled music or as a mindful intervention to focus your class when their attention might be elsewhere (or absent entirely)!


Start your voyage of musical discovery with the first in this 6 part series based on Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca (listed in the Model Music Curriculum)…

2 –With a Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles


The first in this 5 part series starts with Aaron Copeland’s Hoedown performed in 3 distinctly different ways. Each video has an accompanying Information sheet to guide you in  terms of getting the best out of the resource, with some additional listening suggestions included. 

2 – Bach Air from Suite No. 3 in D


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